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  May 2018  

Pet Burials

Burial of Pet Cremains

Recent state law permits cemeteries to allow pet cremains to be interred with the human at the time of the human’s interment. The trustees have approved the following plan:

  • Pets are defined as “small animals” such as dogs and cats. No livestock or animals the size of horses.
  • The pet remains must be cremated and in a container
  • The pet cremains must be buried at the time of the human burial and in the same lot as the human burial
  • For full casket burials, the pet cremains must be in the casket, on the casket, or in the vault. No fee will be charged.
  • For human cremains burials, the pet cremains must be buried beside the human cremains and at the same depth. A fee of $200 will be charged for extra excavation.
  • The pet may be recognized in the memorial markers.